Sunsets should be required

the sky is on fire and we relax to admire
shades layered high and we tilt our heads to see more
the colors you see are full of smog and the crush of a society that needs it all
but for a moment we become one with the hues as they take us away from the day

it’s like a mix of insane beauty and the nothingness that’s left when your best friend dies; it never stops amazing as it changes everyday. orange and red, magenta, gold, and pink and lavender wait for me to paint them in layers. The layers of the sky that seep into your mind are the reminders of life’s beauty even when it’s gone.

Cat Art

Cat Art Series available for purchase on Redbubble.

A New Precedent

It must be noted this moment, January 2021, with a new administration, everything that has happened in the last four years, and everything that needs to be undone.

The Aftermath of an Anxiety Attack

There is not an easy way to explain what an anxiety attack really is and how it plays out for an individual. Even though 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, most people in this country do not have the resources to care for themselves properly.


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